Google’s People Cards — All You Need To Know

Pop up faster on Google search with a virtual visiting card.

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Google has newly introduced the “People Cards” feature on Search in August 2020. Basically, what it does is it lets you create your presence on Google Search by filling out your public profile card. With this card, you can make yourself more visible online — just the way you want. It enables entrepreneurs, influencers, freelancers, business owners, prospective employees, or any body else to create their virtual visiting card so they can be easily discovered online. The more information you provide, the easier it is to find you on Google Search. Your card will consist of your photo, location, profession and additional information like home town, social media profiles, existing websites, contact details, education qualifications and anything you want others to know about you.

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What’s worth mentioning is that Google actually encourages the use of keywords in your profile card, as long as it’s meaningful.

How secure are People Cards?

You can only create one people card with your Google account. Google limits the number of people cards you can create to one to prevent potential misuse of this feature.

Apart from that, Google has also taken measures to combat spams through a combination of human review and sophisticated automated systems. There are safeguard mechanisms to protect against offensive content. Users will have the ability to flag impersonation, abuse, offensive, wrong or low-quality content. There is a feedback button for reporting low-quality information or a card that they believe was created by an impersonator.

How to create People Cards?

Creating a People Card is very simple. You need to be signed into your Google account before you begin. Then open Google Search and type in “Add me to Search”.

The very first prompt you will get will say “Add yourself to Google Search”. You need to enter your mobile number there to complete the verification process. After that, you will need to enter a six-digit unique code.

From there, you can go ahead to creating your card by choosing an image (if you want), add a description, add links to your websites and social profiles, add location, profession and also a phone number and email address (again, if you want). When you’re done adding information just click on Save — and that’s it. You are good to go.

What if a user has a common name?

In a country of around 1.5 billion people, it’s highly likely that you might share your name with another individual. So if you both have People Cards, how can they be differentiated?

Well, when you search for someone on Google Search, if the person you are searching for has a People Card, then it will turn up as a module with their name, profession and location information. Along with that, their picture will show up on the card.

For people sharing the same names, multiple modules will show up. All you need to do is zero in on the information provided and you will find the person you are looking for.

Bottom line

So, you don’t have to be famous to turn up higher on people list on Google Search anymore. You can easily start building your People Card to showcase your business, passion or portfolio on Google Search.

A People Card is basically a virtual visiting card or business card, and it’s very helpful in terms of boosting one’s online presence. It is going to help millions of entrepreneurs, freelancers, influencers — anyone who wants to be discovered online.

This feature is only available on mobile phones right now and the only language supported is English. However, more language support is going to be rolled out over time. Also, People Cards is only available in India at present. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually make its way stateside.

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Task Venturers


11:41 am